The deal

I offer a selection of high quality Studio photos completely free of charge in exchange for you granting all rights to all images to me. This is done by way of an industry-standard Model Release form.

Shoots take place at my large Studio in Llanddewi Velfrey which is equipped with professional ProFoto lighting. The Studio is prepared in advance of each shoot with a variety of backgrounds selected to complement our mutually agreed requirements.

Your interests, hobbies and sports can be catered for in a shoot which lasts from 2 to 3 hours.

Rights to the images mean that I will be offering some photos for sale on the micro-stock sites, iStockphoto or Getty Images. Such on-line sites pay the photographer a small commission for each sale - the Agency gets the lion's share and the photographer received a 'micro' payment - iStock is part of Getty Images, a $3 billion company.

Your image could be purchased by soemone anywhere in the world and used on website, in newspapers and magazines, leaflets and flyers, advertising hoardings, schools ... in fact, wherever a photo may be used to enhance an idea, article or product.

iStock maintain a Compliance Enforcement Department which is responsible for ensuring the images are used legally. For more information about image licensing, see here.